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Finch is a HIPAA compliant Healthcare services company, that specializes in Medical Transcription, Meaningful Use/PQRS/ICD-10 Consulting, Medical Coding, Medical Billing and Practice Management Services, for Physician Practices and Hospitals.

Benefits of Outsourcing with Finch

  • Clients can realize cost savings of 40%- 60% by outsourcing their services to Finch.
  • With Finch's 24/7 operations model, clients can see faster turn around time for their transcription and
    billing services.
  • Highly skilled personnel at Finch will ensure improvement in quality and productivity of the
    client practices.

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Medical Transcription

Finch's Medical Transcription Service caters to a wide range of clients, from single Physician Practices to Large Clinics and

Multi Facility Hospitals.

Medical Coding

Finch Healthcare is a leading provider of coding services to practices of all sizes. Our level of accuracy and fast turn around

time has set us apart from other providers.