Denial Management

Billing Specialists at Finch fully understand the complexities involved in dealing with Insurance companies and Denial Management is our specialty. Finch Targets A/R ratios as follows.

  • 61-90 days : 5-10%
  • 91-120 days : 2-5%
  • Above 120 days : 0-2%

Our team will review all unpaid claims within 15–30 days of initial billing date and take the required action to make sure you get paid for each claim. All denials are appealed in a timely manner. And when a Claim needs Medical Necessity notes, Pre Existing information, Place of service or type of service etc., these notes will be collected from the client’s end, analyzed and submitted to the payers.

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Medical Transcription

Finch's Medical Transcription Service caters to a wide range of clients, from single Physician Practices to Large Clinics and

Multi Facility Hospitals.

Medical Coding

Finch Healthcare is a leading provider of coding services to practices of all sizes. Our level of accuracy and fast turn around

time has set us apart from other providers.